My Day in Everett WA

The owner of Everett Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Traveling to Everett, Washington was one of the best locations my family and I have ever visited. This city has so much to offer and anyone visiting this city would completely agree. Depending on what it is you are hoping to see or the lifestyle you live, you may want to consider visiting some of the places my family and I visited. Since I have several children, it was important to my family that we visited places my children would enjoy. For example, we visited the Imagine Children’s Museum, Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum and the Schack Art Center. My children had a blast participating in so many different imaginative events.


We also enjoyed many outdoor activities, such as visiting parks like: Legion Park, Grand Avenue Park, Howarth Park and Spencer Island Park. Shockingly, almost every park had a body of water that they kids could enjoy. I thought it was very interesting that there were so many beautiful parks that had bodies of water within the same vicinity.


We also enjoyed attending the Farmers Market that was actually founded back in 1994. This market was different from others because it had a ton of modern amenities. You can take time to conduct some research by visiting the Chamber of Commerce.


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